About Us

1 Amazing Life is about having balance in your life.

Cindy Rutter and James Bosch, repeatedly dubbed the “dynamic duo”, want to help others achieve this balance. Their combined experience equals more than 50 years of training, facilitation, motivational speaking, support implementation, and therapy. They have decided to take their years of personal experience, professional trainings and facilitations that they have been developing and executing for non-profits and other organizations, and create a more personal and individually tailored opportunity for learning and personal growth.    

Over the years, James and Cindy have provided talks, retreats, guidance, support and inspiration to countless individuals in the burn and medical communities. After receiving an outpouring of positive feedback year after year on how beneficial their methods are, they wanted to extend their expertise to a larger audience.     It has been made abundantly clear through their success that their varied talents combine to create a synergistic and engaging energy people find easily relatable and enjoy being a part of. They are fun and dynamic while providing insight, encouragement, tools, and education. Cindy and James have designed, developed and implemented many programs for personal growth over the years. They both were instrumental in developing a peer support program, SOAR, (Survivors Offering Assistance to Recovery) for the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors.   

Professionally, Cindy has been a registered nurse for 35 years, specializing in burn care and has a master’s degree in counseling, currently working towards licensure as a Licensed Therapist. Her unwavering ability to care for others and her empathy is what makes her who she is. In spite of multiple personal detours in her life, including a severe burn injury at the age of 6, growing up with a visible physical difference, failed marriages, trauma, family addiction, and her own personal addiction due to chronic pain from an autoimmune disorder, she continues to persevere. Cindy has the propensity to be determined in all that she undertakes. Her attitude is 

“when life throws you a curveball, hit a homerun!”   

Professionally, James has worked with various populations practicing therapy as a Licensed Therapist. He has worked in dual diagnosis settings, recovery, and with severe mental illness. He also has a private practice and loves doing outdoor therapy: a walk on the beach or at the park. He has found his training in EMDR to be life changing for survivors of all kinds of trauma. His true passion is working in retreat and group settings, facilitating an individual’s life progress. As the associate director of a non-profit organization he helped to develop and implement several different programs over the years. Personal hurdles in James' life have included his own burn injury at the age of 8 months, growing up with a physical difference, his experience living with addiction, now living in recovery, and personal trauma. He has an extreme aptitude to adapt his approach to whatever individuals he is working with, as well as the ability to connect with the needs of people in the moment. In addition to his professional education and experience, James brings a zest of life to everything he does and a sense of adventure to almost everything he touches. This translates to the core message of 1 Amazing Life.    

To be in the moment and live life to the fullest, despite whatever it is you have gone through, 

is the message that James and Cindy will both deliver to you in their lessons of life.  

Cindy Rutter

  After surviving a house fire in 1959 at the age of 6, Cindy Rutter underwent over 100 surgeries before her eighteenth birthday with injuries suffered to her face, arms, torso, legs and back. Using her personal experience as a burn survivor, Cindy has made countless contributions to the burn community, encouraging the enthusiasm for life that she demonstrates every day. Cindy has been a role model and inspiration to both women and men of all ages and all walks of life. She has dedicated her life to helping others see through to the other side of a traumatic experience. Cindy has aided burn survivors clinically with her role as a medical professional, serving as a bedside nurse and Burn Center nurse manager, instilling a sense of hope, renewal, and possibility after burn injury to hundreds of patients and their families. Beyond her duties as a nurse, she has been involved with countless organizations and groups to help create support recovery programs and teaching peer support training in both Canada and the United States. She also helped start a volunteer advocacy program for the Phoenix Society, organizing and training people to assist in spreading the word about fire safety, burn prevention, and the need for support for burn survivors everywhere. After retiring as a nurse and bedside medical professional, Cindy then made the decision to not only help those affected by trauma, but any and all individuals who were in search of the tools to create their own amazing life. She took the leap and obtained her Master's degree in Marriage & Family Therapy from San Diego State University. Her work with couples, individuals, and family has helped transform the way they lead their day-to-day lives.  Cindy's prestigious honors and accomplishments in her ongoing journey of helping others to reach fulfillment and happiness include California Nurse of the Year, the Breslau Award from The Phoenix Society, the San Diego Chargers Community Quarterback Award, and recognition as a “Remarkable Woman” by Redbook Magazine, just to name a few. She has demonstrated through example, time and time again, that you really can live this one amazing life.  

Email: crutter@1amazinglife.com

James A. Bosch

  James brings a rich background from both experience and training in healing from physical and emotional trauma. James became involved with burn camps as a counselor in the early 90’s. Having been burned as an 

infant before burn camps were in existence, he was exited to discover a way to become a part of the healing experience of other burn injured children. 

He went on to become a Program Director and associate Executive Director for the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation and a child specialist at their camp Champ Camp, helping counselors navigate the more complicated issues some burned children bring to the camp experience. James has spent the past decade working with children, individuals, couples and families. His goal as a therapist is to accompany others on their journey back to wholeness. His style is dynamic, in the moment, and, from the start, encouraging to his clients to draw on their wealth of existing strengths and wisdom to begin the next phase of their healing, drawing on a variety of influences and modalities such as Jungian Psychology, Mythology, CBT, Existentialism, EMDR, mindfulness, Narrative Therapy and Psychodynamics his purpose is to help you discover what you need most in order find your own answers to life’s big questions and to assist you in thriving in your life. James helps individuals to find meaning in their stories, develop tools to deal with the stressors of a busy life, find love and intimacy, and create the stories they want to live in this one amazing, yet sometimes turbulent life. 

Email: jbosch@1amazinglife.com

For private consultation and more information, visit www.jamesboschlmft.com